‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Recap: “It’s About Frank”

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If you ever thought the twists and turns would stop on How to Get Away with Murder you were dead wrong. This week’s episode offered up a surprise hookup, a drunk Annalise (Viola Davis) and enough OMG moments to keep you hooked until the next episode. As we get closer and closer to the big “who’s under the sheet reveal,” the stakes just keep getting higher and higher. Let’s recap the latest How to Get Away with Murder episode “It’s About Frank.”

This week’s episode picks up right where we last ended. Meggie (Corbin Reid), Bonnie (Liza Weil) and Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) are in the hospital frantically learning all the information they can about a pregnant and injured Laurel (Karla Souza). Meggie can’t give Bonnie, Oliver and us much info, which is making everyone very nervous.

Now we jump back three weeks earlier where some of the craziest stuff is going on. After learning her father is dead and that Frank (Charlie Weber) is in Coalport, Bonnie goes on a little trip. Although there to deal with funeral arrangements, that’s the thing we remember least about this storyline. Bonnie tells Laurel she’s going to find Frank, but to not, under any circumstances, tell Annalise. In an adorable reunion, Bonnie sees Frank outside the funeral home and they share a loving embrace as she thanks him.

Frank and Bonnie immediately spend time together in his rundown motel room. Bonnie tries to recap everything that has happened (which let’s be honest is quite a lot) and she even asks him about Wallace Mahoney’s murder and why he killed him. In a last effort, Bonnie tells Frank he should come back with her because it’s time he and Annalise forgive each other.  Rightly so, Frank doesn’t think Annalise will ever stop trying to kill him and coming back isn’t a good plan.

Alfred Enoch and Viola Davis in the How to Get Away with Murder episode "It's About Frank." Photo Credit: ABC/Richard Cartwright
Alfred Enoch and Viola Davis in the How to Get Away with Murder episode “It’s About Frank.” Photo Credit: ABC/Richard Cartwright

Bonnie and Frank have always been close on How to Get Away with Murder. I mean, how could you not be when you are Annalise Keating’s closest companions. We just didn’t know they were this close. Later, Bonnie sleeps in the hotel room’s bed while Frank lies on the floor. Frank suggests to Bonnie that they run away together to a small town where they can live normal lives and have a family. Although there’s sincerity in his voice, he quickly adds that he’s only teasing her. Right after, Bonnie heads down to sleep with Frank on the floor. This leads to the two of them kissing and eventually having sex! This is the point to yelp if you haven’t already. Just when you think your jaw couldn’t hit the floor anymore, the next morning Bonnie goes out to get breakfast for her and Frank only to return to an empty motel room with no Frank.

Elsewhere on How to Get Away with Murder, after admitting she was an alcoholic to the university board, Annalise is suspended from her job and her license remains under review. Honestly, the best part of this episode is seeing Annalise getting her hair done, catching up with friends (enter Mary J. Blige’s character) and just having some fun. It’s the best.

Annalise also surprises us this week when she actually attends an AA meeting! Shocking, we know. When she’s there she runs into President Hargrove (Lauren Luna Vélez) who has been attending these meetings for a long time. She commends Annalise for taking a positive step towards recovery. Of course, some part of us thought that Annalise specifically chose this AA meeting because she knew Hargrove would be there.

Later that night, Annalise begins to box up all of her alcohol, which is a step in the right direction. Of course when Annalise can’t sleep that night, she’s having memories of Sam and her trying to conceive, she eventually gives in a grabs a bottle from the trash. This leads to Annalise drunk dancing, singing and drunk dialing Nate (Billy Brown). It’s quite a sight to behold. Eventually Wes (Alfred Enoch) shows up to check on Annalise and finds her completely drunk. He ends up taking care of her in a typical, adorable Wes kind of way.

Viola Davis, Alfred Enoch and Karla Souza in the How to Get Away with Murder episode "It's About Frank." Photo Credit: ABC/Richard Cartwright
Viola Davis, Alfred Enoch and Karla Souza in the How to Get Away with Murder episode “It’s About Frank.” Photo Credit: ABC/Richard Cartwright

The next day, Annalise visits President Hargrove and says she is slapping a $50 million lawsuit against the school in light of her suspension and recent actions. As we know, Annalise can be very persuasive and Hargrove lifts the suspension.

This How to Get Away with Murder also features flashbacks involving Frank’s backstory. We learn that Frank has been in prison since he was 13 after injuring his father. He’s now up for parole when Sam (Tom Verica) visits him trying to convince Frank to go for his parole and Annalise can help him. In typical Frank fashion, his stubbornness has gotten in the way in the past. Ultimately Annalise agrees to help Frank, solidifying their relationship.

Elsewhere in How to Get Away with Murder, we learn that Simon Drake (Behzad Dabu) has been the one behind the “Killer Annalise” posters. This isn’t that shocking to us, but again the Keating Five are angry. Eventually they show Annalise and she bangs down his door threatening to hit him with slander if he continues this.

Another big part of this episode features Wes and Laurel confessing stuff to each other. Wes confesses that he might love her and would break up with Meggie. He says he feels like he’s lying to Meggie because he visibly has feeling for Laurel. Wes mentions that Frank is gone now. Of course out of this, Laurel mentions that Frank is in Coalport with Bonnie. She also says that she’s been talking to him. Talk about awkward for Wes. He tells Laurel she needs to Annalise and just when she’s about to open that can of worms, Bonnie comes home.

To end this week’s episode, we learn that Oliver is frantically trying to call Connor (Jack Falahee) in present day. Eventually Michaela’s adoptive mother answers the phone because Connor’s phone was left at Michaela’s. Just then, Michaela (Aja Naomi King) walks around the corner and grabs the phone! Another Keating Five member safe!

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC

Overall Grade: B


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