‘Homeland’ Recap: “Sock Puppets”

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Spoiler Alert: This recap contains spoilers for the 9th episode of the 6th season of Homeland

This week’s episode of Homeland laid the pieces for what should be a very intense and thrilling final three episodes. Most of our main characters are working together to fully uncover this massive conspiracy that seems to only get bigger every week.

After betraying Saul (Mandy Patinkin) at the meeting with the President-Elect last episode, Dar (F. Murray Abraham) betrays Javadi (Shaun Tomb) and sells him out to Mossad. Javadi takes advantage of the situation by secretly calling Carrie (Claire Danes) and puts his phone on speaker mode to allow Carrie to hear the exchange. Carrie jumps on this opportunity, calling Saul who then tries to get the call traced. They’re unsuccessful in their attempts to get an exact location before Javadi is taken away. They later go to his hotel room and deduce that Javadi must have hid the phone in the towel room after finding some towels on the floor. They find the phone and a video of Nasfi admitting that he is in fact a Mossad agent.

Carrie and Saul present their evidence to President-Elect Keane (Elizabeth Marvel), informing her that Dar framed Sekou for the bombing and that Dar is conspiring to destroy the Iranian nuclear deal. Keane is furious about Dar’s duplicity and is immediately on Team Carrie once again. Keane brings in the Solicitor General to advise them on what to do about Dar. The general believes there isn’t enough evidence linking Dar to the conspiracy; the only way to bring him down is for Carrie to testify about Dar’s involvement in the cover-up of Russian agent Allison’s infiltration of the CIA last season. Carrie doesn’t want to do it, as Saul was in a relationship with Allison and it would cause him to be disgraced from the CIA. Carrie later meets up with Saul at a park and Saul gets very angry with Carrie after she tells him about the current plan. Carrie tells Saul that it’s the only thing they can do. Saul is definitely not on Team Carrie.

Shaun Toub as Javadi and F. Murray Abraham as Dar Adal in Homeland. Photo Credit: Showtime.
Shaun Toub as Javadi and F. Murray Abraham as Dar Adal in Homeland. Photo Credit: Showtime.

Meanwhile, Max (M.V.P. of the episode) tracks down the location of Agent Conlin’s last phone call. He wants to acquire information about the company, so he applies to one of the job openings and gets the job. He learns that the company is controlling millions of fake social media accounts to push Brett O’Keefe’s (Jake Weber) political agenda online. Quinn (Rupert Friend) leaves the cabin and goes to a local gun store where he sets a customer’s car on fire as a distraction and quickly steals a ton of guns while everyone is not looking. He then breaks into Dar’s house and waits for him to return home. Once he returns home, Quinn confronts him with a pistol and questions Dar about why he wanted to kill him. Dar tells him he had nothing to do with it and that he cares deeply for him. Quinn pistol-whips him and leaves the house; Dar calls the assassin and asks why he went after Quinn after he told the assassin to leave him alone. The assassin tells him that “there were other opinions” and realizes that Dar is calling him on a open line and hangs up. Quinn turns out to be tracing Dar’s phone call using a stingray device and the episode concludes.

With most of our characters on the same page regarding taking down Dar, it won’t be surprising to learn that another third party is involved especially after what the assassin said to Dar. Something else is going on that we don’t know about yet; we’ll see what it is or isn’t most likely in next week’s episode.           

Episode Grade: B+


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