‘Heroes Reborn’ Review: “Game Over”

Sabrina Petrafesa ’18/ Emertainment Monthly Executive Publisher

Photo Credit: NBC/Christos Kalohoridis
Photo Credit: NBC/Christos Kalohoridis

Two thoughts come to audiences’ minds when watching “Game Over”: “Are you kidding me?” and “Oh my god! That’s Hiro! Hiro is back!” After six episodes, fans finally get to see Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka) after being teased since episode one, which is the best thing Heroes Reborn has done in a long time.

Tommy Clark (Robbie Kay) is being angsty, which is hysterical because he’s being so broody, teleporting his girlfriend to Paris, and just all around being stupid after he was told he was going to help save the world. He’s not the only broody one either. Luke Collins (Zachary Levi) actually tried to kill himself after he literally just bought a boat, but luckily Malina (Danika Yarosh) was there and used her powers to save him. This was the beginning of finally bringing all the relevant characters together. Now Luke and Malina are on the hunt for Tommy to recruit him for their save the world team, which hopefully means the show is going to pick up soon, and pick up fast.

Photo Credit: NBC/Roger Do Minh
Photo Credit: NBC/Roger Do Minh

The only character that made sitting through Noah Bennet’s (Jack Coleman) scenes bearable was Quentin Frady (Henry Zebrowski). Meanwhile, the most interesting character on the show, was Miko Otomo (Kiki Sukezane), and in one fell swoop, Heroes Reborn did the stupidest thing they possibly could do, and killed them both. Very few of the new characters really make a person want to watch, two of them were Miko and Quentin, and now they’re both gone. Miko isn’t even a real person, apparently, just a video game creation that can live and breathe in the real world created by her father. Quentin, whose sole purpose has been to find his sister, is killed by her, but saves the day. Both were sacrificed to save Hiro, so it was a really good reason to kill them, but it still was a stupid decision.

Hiro is finally back, after Miko sacrificed herself to free him and give Hiro his sword back, Hiro emerged from Evernow and it was amazing. Hopefully Hiro will be the first of many. However, now he’s taken Noah back to June 13th when that bomb went off. It looks like they’re trying to stop Renautus before they even get started, which might mean Miko and Quentin will never die, but then that raises so many more questions. If they stop the bomb then who is the “big bad”? Are Tommy, Luke and Malina still needed to help save the world? If Luke’s son never died, would Luke’s wife still leave him when he figures out he’s an Evo? So many questions after so many answers, but really the question is “Now what?”

Photo Credit: NBC/Christos Kalohoridis
Photo Credit: NBC/Christos Kalohoridis

The next episode looks like it’s going to have a lot more of the original cast and it’s going to be so exciting for fans of Heroes. This episode was truly a turning point for the episode, with Noah and Hiro going back in time, Luke and Malina meeting, and Tommy finally accepting his destiny. It looks like things are getting interesting.

Heroes Reborn airs Thursdays, 8/7c, on NBC.

Episode Grade: B-



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