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Fly Away With ‘A Bird Story’

Gilesa Thomas ’18 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Artwork for A Bird Story. Photo Credit: Freebird Games.

Freebird Games’ (FBG) described A Bird Story as “an indie adventure short, about a simple narrative taking place between the mix of a boy’s memories, dream, and imagination”.

They were spot on with that description; A Bird Story is probably shorter than this article. However the length does not take away from the story. Without getting into too much detail this game provides a heartwarming tale of a boy and his bird. It is meant to serve as background for Episode 2 of the To the Moon’s series, which currently has no release date. It is set in the same universe as To the Moon and the young boy in A Bird Story grows up to be a patient of Dr. Watts and Dr. Rosalene. Thankfully, there are no cliffhangers but there are plenty of other factors that draw the audience in. One minute there is a feeling of loneliness, the next fear, then happiness, and suddenly loneliness all over again. A Bird Story stays true to the FBG theme of toying with the audience’s emotions. Now this story is not enough to bring a tear to the yet but you will definitely share the feelings of the young boy throughout his journey.

Stills from A Bird Story. Photo Credit: Freebird Games.

The graphics are beautiful, like always, and the soundtrack compliments it perfectly. FBG never disappoints in this department. It is a 16-bit world, simple yet very aesthetically pleasing. The sound track matched the emotions of the game every step of the way. Those two features alone could carry the game through its entirety. They add more detail to the story without being a distraction. There is also a lack of speech or text. The absence of words helps the focus stay on the story and not the dialogue. The game runs smoothly even on the slowest of computers. Unlike the other FBGs, this can be played on Windows and Macs. This is not a flash game you have to download it. FBG’s website will link you to a few websites where you can purchase the game if you choose to do so. It is extremely cheap and well worth the buy.

Do not play this game with the mindset that it will be like To the Moon. It will ruin the game and make it harder to appreciate. The only things those two games share in common are the artwork and play on memory. There is little to no gameplay other than moving the character throughout the story. It really is just a narrative. If you want to kill an hour with a great emotional story, this is the game to play. If you are looking for something more interactive then simply do not play this game. It is not what you’re looking for however there are other FBGs that will do the trick.

When held to the standards of To the Moon this game receives a 6, however judged independently for the genre that it is, it deserves an 8.5.


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