Eric Hutchinson Kicks Off Tour at Royale

Adam Reynoso ’15 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Adam Reynoso / Emertainment Monthly
Adam Reynoso / Emertainment Monthly

Singer/songwriter Eric Hutchinson began his City and Sand tour at Royale with Tristan Prettyman. The two musicians brought with them a catchy, electric energy that had the crowd constantly cheering with each performance. Complete with vivid, hypnotizing lighting and a fog machine on the stage, the two began their tour together with quite a show.

Tristan Prettyman, although the opener, proved to have a shared fanbase with Hutchinson. As the venue had already been pretty much filled during her act, the crowd was constantly engaged with the artist. They even made sure to ask about her touring companion and pet, Bacon, at one point. While on stage, she had a laid back, down to earth demeanor. She joked about how not all of her songs were about love or break ups and how her husband teased her about her past musical inspiration.
It’s clear to see why the two artists would embark on a tour together, as they both seem to aim for a similar sound. They have a light hearted, pop feel to their music and it definitely showed in the audience as well. What was a nice surprise was how in addition to her well-known songs like “My Oh My Oh My,” she also threw in a cover of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” into the mix that sounded like a nice variation on the track.

Shortly after Prettyman left the stage, Hutchinson came out to a roaring applause. Right from the opening number, the singer had a strong presence and showed how excited he was for the tour. He played his guitar and keyboards with expertise and it was always a sight when he teamed up with his other bandmates on stage.

It should be noted that while his songs are already strong as singles and recorded numbers, his live performances are still the best way to hear his songs. Constantly bringing in covers into a couple of his own songs, he offers short, but enjoyable, renditions of Outkast’s “Hey Ya!” Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab.” Hutchinson showed his prowess as a musician as he seamlessly transitioned between each cover and song and how easily everything fits together. It also showed the respect he has for these artists and how much he’s been influenced by other great artists of our time.

Taking a few tracks from all over his discography, Hutchinson included “Oh!,” “A Little More,” and “Talk is Cheap” in his setlist, as well as other hits. Each song included a knockout performances that constantly garnered cheers from the crowd. Just as well, he was always moving when not on the keyboards, and it was catchy how energetic he was. It was impossible not to dance along with the singer.

As the launch of his fall tour, Eric Hutchinson showed the same attractive liveliness that launched him onto the scene. Interacting with the audience also showed his appreciation for his fans, including those who were there for his birthday. He also made sure to talk about his roots at Emerson College, only a couple of blocks down the street from Royale. Combined with the strong opening by Tristan Prettyman, the show was a promising start to what’s likely to be an incredible tour.



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