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Why on Earth Did Sherlock Win?

Sabrina Petrafesa ‘18 / Emertainment Monthly Executive Publisher

BBC Sherlock has won “Outstanding Television Movie” and it was completely undeserved.

Sherlock is no longer a television show that is trying to tell an intelligent story as it was in its first two seasons. Now it’s just trying to one up what they’ve done last and is chasing a goal that has lead many television shows to their downfall.

Steven Moffatt is a tired writer who mocks his fans and treats them with very little respect. Sherlock is no longer the show it once was. It’s nearly impossible to tell such a compelling story on TV when you only release about three hours of TV every three years. The writing falls flat and it’s incredibly difficult to feel invested in a story that drops off the face of the Earth after three episodes.

There’s nothing wrong with the performances either, but in the end Sherlock just feels like a trash show getting nominated and winning because of its former glory and not for what it is currently.

The TV Movie that should have won was Confirmation. Confirmation is a compelling story about Anita Hill’s struggle to tell the truth about sexual harassment in the workplace. It is a story about a black woman and with the racial disparity in Hollywood it’s a little disappointing that instead of giving credit to a great film like Confirmation with a such a diverse cast and amazing story the award went to Sherlock.


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