Drift Away in Odesza's Electronic Dreamscapes


Anna Cieslik ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Editor

Let’s get one thing straight: just because you’re into electronic music, doesn’t mean you’re necessarily into dance music. If you prefer your electronic music to evoke tinkering dreamscapes as opposed to jam-packed, neon nightclubs, then Odesza is definitely the group for you.

Hailing from Seattle, the duo’s music would fit right in with the lush green landscapes and accompanying seaside of Washington. Everything about Odesza’s production is fluid – their tunes are rife with sonic waves that ebb and flow rather than thump in your ears. And the duo never shies away from layering sounds on top of each other. In fact, Odesza’s music can easily be characterized by their immaculate attention to detail. Songs like “I Want You” build as they progress, starting with smooth rhythmic patterns, followed by rolling melodies, cryptic vocal parts, and finished off with carefully chosen sound effects. The end result is a discography full of genuinely beautiful and lush tunes.

Odesza is stopping by Boston’s Paradise Rock Club tonight as the opening act for Emancipator and you can be sure the duo will be bringing their chilled out electronic music with them. Even if you can’t check them out tonight, be sure to download some of Odesza’s songs online, kick back, and enjoy the music. An added bonus: all of their tunes are free direct from their Soundcloud page!

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