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Dragon Age: Inquisition Gets an “Uber” Edition Worthy of a Hero

DJ Arruda ‘16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Dragon Age Inquisition 3

Just a few weeks after announcing the release date of the highly anticipated Dragon Age sequel Inquisition, BioWare has revealed the Uber edition–a release package for those hardcore fans among us.

Priced at $170, the premiere edition was announced on Twitter as a seemingly exclusive collector’s item available only at GameStop. It is unknown if Amazon will be receiving the same edition or an Uber edition of their own at this time, as the image on GameStop boasts it as an exclusive and there have been no similar listings on any other website. Regardless, this “Inquisitor’s Edition” is quite the package, boasting the Flames of the Inquisition package of armor, weapons, and mounts that the $70 deluxe edition also offers, as well as the other goods therein, and then some.

The Uber edition comes housed in a TriForce case made of faux reptile skin with a red silk interior and the symbol of the Inquisition emblazoned with gold foil on the case itself. A cloth map of Thedas, similar to the cloth map of Ferelden bundled with the Dragon Age: Origins collector’s edition is included, measuring 22 inches by 32 inches. A 72 card tarot set with artwork detailing lore from the series’ mythos comes alongside a full scale, six piece lock tool set which may make a cat burglar of anyone willing to shell out the cash.

Dragon Age Inquisition 4

Four full scale map markers, assumedly similar to those we will see in game, are also included as well as an Inquisitor’s badge and a quill and inkpot. Again, it is not known if that is a workable quill and inkpot, but one would think with the price that they are more than just for show, and would make sense if they helped to fill in the also included 40 page Inquisitor’s journal. Some Orlesian coins, sadly not refundable for the price point, and a neat steel book also baring the symbol of the Inquisition round out the set.

Overall, this edition is a very cool set, if not still a bit pricey given that much of what is included would only help those wanting to cosplay as The Inquisitor come the conventions after the game’s release, which is by no means a bad thing. Yet there seems to be a missed opportunity here to include say a hardcover art book or a statue of an Archdemon or other signature creature. It is exciting nonetheless, and though it may make a single game cost almost three times as much, it’s a worthy investment for any collector or fan who loves this series.

Whether or not the price will be dropped or if Amazon will offer a similar edition remains to be seen, but with five months until the game’s release on Oct. 7, anything is possible. For those interested there’s time to save up one’s coppers and coins to get it. Just don’t think you can persuade or intimidate yourself into a discount.


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