Cheerleader Rallies The Crowd At The Brighton Music Hall

David Weiner ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Photo Editor

It took a while for Brighton Music Hall to fill up, but eventually people started to trickle in. The stage was dimly lit and there was barely a single chair in the whole venue. I tried sitting once on the only stool I could find, but was asked by a security guard to get up because apparently security had a monopoly on stools.

A band called Cheerleader took the stage and immediately I understood why there were no chairs that night. Tonight’s lineup was crafted for dance.

David Weiner '16/Emertainment Monthly.
David Weiner ’16/Emertainment Monthly.

Riding the high’s of finishing their first EP, “On Your Side” and wrapping up a UK tour, Cheerleader is well on its grind in the music scene. The band opened for more seasoned groups Knox Hamilton and Colony House.

I felt like I was watching three supportive brothers putting on a show in their parents basement. Cheerleader, the talented little brother, went first and had to deal with audio correction and mic problems, but didn’t really care. Knox Hamilton, the humble middle brother went second just wanting to have fun and please mom and dad.

David Weiner '16/Emertainment Monthly.
David Weiner ’16/Emertainment Monthly.

Colony House, the oldest of the three, closed the show with a more extensive set, patting his younger brothers on the back and offering them beers from his secret stash.

Catch Cheerleader, Colony House and Knox Hamilton on tour together as they wrap up their fall shows in Ohio.


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