Chasing Twisters With Delta Rae

Tessa Roy ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Assistant Editor

Shannon O' Connor / Emertainment Monthly
Shannon O’ Connor / Emertainment Monthly

“I thought I was a good singer,” said supporting act Greg Holden, standing on the stage at Royale. “But then I heard these guys.”

Holden needn’t have been so insecure. He put on a stunning set of his own. But honestly, I’m not going to blame him for feeling intimidated by headliners Delta Rae because they can really sing.

The folk-rock band recently dropped After It All, a beautiful compilation of tracks that is bound to appear on lots of best albums lists come the end of the year. But Delta Rae has taken it even further with their current tour; they seem to also be aiming for a spot on the best live acts lists. We think they’ll make those, too.

There is nothing extravagant or theatrical about Delta’s set, allowing for a more barebones focus on the music. Their signature drums beat in perfect time and complemented the welcome addition of a violin. The highlight though, was the powerhouse vocals unleashed by the band’s four singers. There was little Ian Holljes, Brittany Holljes, Eric Holljes, and Liz Hopkins couldn’t do with their voices. They could belt, they could croon, and they could make their audience feel every emotion in every word they sang. Many jaws hit the floor as soon as the band kicked their set off with “Outlaws.” They remained there all through “Dance in the Graveyards,” “I Will Never Die,” “Bethlehem Steel,” “If I Loved You,” “Chasing Twisters,” “My Whole Life Long,” “Bottom of the River,” and more.

Delta Rae has proved it is not only one to hear, but one to experience. If you didn’t see them this time, we really recommend you do whatever you can to catch them when they come around again. They are far too talented to be missed.


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