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oli white

Quick Facts

Name: Oli White


New Videos: Fridays


Oli White is a British YouTuber posting everything from quirky comedy vlogs to collaborations to interviews with celebrities.

Oli’s channel was officially started in August of 2012, though he began making videos a year earlier on a different channel of the same name. After restarting his channel in late 2012, he noted in his first video that even though it initially lost him 40,000 subscribers it was a necessary step if he ever wanted to make YouTube his career. His channel now has over 350,000 subscribers and over 10 million total views.

A few of Oli’s original vlogs can be seen in one of his recent videos titled “My First YouTube Video.”

Even if one is not familiar with his name, fans of big YouTubers, such as Grace Helbig, Tyler Oakley or Jack Harries, are like to have seen him before. Oli has made numerous collaboration videos with well-known British and American YouTubers. One of his most recent collaborations is “Cupcake Roullete with JC Caylen,” one of the members of the popular channel Our2ndLife.

Also, Oli often makes videos with his family members, including his adorable little brother James and his hilarious Nan. He’s had the opportunity to interview a couple of different celebrities, including several British musicians on the red carpet of the 2014 Brit Awards.

If any of this sounds interesting then maybe it is time to check out OliWhiteTV.

Watch One Of His Videos:


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