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louis cole

Quick Facts

Name: Louis Cole

Channel: FunForLouis

New Videos: Every Day

Twitter: @funforlouis

Louis Cole is a British YouTuber making daily vlogs for his channel FunForLouis. On FunForLouis, every video is an adventure. Louis spends most of his time traveling around the world, taking his viewers with him. In the past six weeks alone, Louis has traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, back to Australia, and he’s currently traveling across the US.

FunForLouis currently has a little over 600,000 subscribers, and his videos have racked up over 37.5 million views since Louis first began posting them in 2012.

Louis began making YouTube videos a year earlier in 2011, though, when he started his channel FoodForLouis. This channel involved Louis and some of his friends eating bizarre things. Some of the most popular videos on FoodForLouis involve him eating items such as a live giant scorpion and raw sheep brains. Despite how gross many of the “foods” consumed on the channel are, FoodForLouis has over 420,000 subscribers, though it has been ten months since the last new video was posted.

Friends with YouTubers around the world, Louis can often be seen in videos on other channels all across the site, including those of his mother (LizColeVlogs) and little sister (Darcy Cole). Recently, Louis was part of the Jacksgap Rickshaw Run team, where he traveled with the Jacksgap boys and four others on a trip across India in rickshaws while they documented it online. Videos from the trip can be found on the FunForLouis and Jacksgap channels.

Watching FunForLouis shows viewers little pieces of the world and lets them see places they’ve never been before. It might even inspire you to start your own adventure.

Watch One Of Louis’ Videos:


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