CBS Casts Melissa Benoist From ‘Glee’ As Their ‘Supergirl’

Adam Reynoso ’15 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Melissa Benoist and Kevin McHale in the Glee episode "Guilty Pleasures." Photo Credit: Jennifer Clasen/FOX.
Melissa Benoist and Kevin McHale in the Glee episode “Guilty Pleasures.” Photo Credit: Jennifer Clasen/FOX.

After months of rumors and speculation, CBS has finally found their Kara Zor-El. Glee‘s Melissa Benoist has won the title role in Supergirl.

The casting news comes after the Television Critics Association winter press tour that went on for the past couple of weeks. At the tour, CBS president Nina Tassler talked about what they were looking for when casting and how the show’s going to look. They were searching for not necessarily a big star, but someone who could play this iconic character and still come off as an everyday woman.

Benoist is best known for playing Marley Rose on Glee and a supporting role in the Academy Award nominated film, Whiplash. While at first glance, it might not seem like the obvious choice, especially with her role on Glee not quite being the liveliest in the group, but with producer Greg Berlanti, the man behind The Flash and Arrow, on board, she had to have had quite an audition. Coincidentally, this is the second actor from Glee to land the lead in a superhero show, following Grant Gustin‘s casting as the Flash. Many fans weren’t quite sure he’d fit the part of the scarlet speedster, but so far, many fans have been impressed with his portrayal. Benoist can definitely play the every girl role, but it’s the might and powerful Supergirl she needs to ace. Until the first trailer comes out, it’s hard to really have any fair judgements.

The series, first announced in September, has been fast tracked since the beginning, skipping the pilot stage completely. Perhaps it has to do with all the comic book shows currently on the air, but this marks the first superhero show on the network in 25 years, the last being the original The Flash show in 1990. The biggest question about the show has been what kind of format the show will take, especially on a network filled with half hour comedies and procedurals. But Tassler confirmed the show will follow the procedural format, which makes sense. These kind of shows lend themselves to that format, especially with the villain of the week set up, so it’s no surprise there.

As for her famous cousin, according to the audition tapes and script pages used, they will mention Superman. Whether he’s seen on the screen remains to be seen but it’s highly doubtful considering DC’s plans for their cinematic universe. Either way, they will acknowledge his existence. The show’s synopsis talks about Kara being born on Krypton and arriving on earth after its destruction. Now, 24, Kara Danvers, the name of the adopted family that found her, has decided to embrace her destiny and use her powers to be a hero. The remaining roles to be cast for the show include Alex Danvers, her brainy older adopted sister; Cat Grant, the CEO of CatCo where Kara works at and James Olson, the photographer best known for photographing Superman. The series will also include Wynn Schott, who becomes Toyman in the comics and Hank Henshaw, who becomes Cyborg Superman.


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