Brighton Music Hall Gets “Pacified” by FKA twigs

Tessa Roy ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Assistant Editor

Genesis Henriquez / Emertainment Monthly
Genesis Henriquez / Emertainment Monthly

A group of people packed into a tiny music hall on Tuesday evening, sipping on drinks and chatting casually as they eagerly awaited the arrival of the night’s headliner. Time passed rather slowly, and some began to wonder aloud how much longer it would be before the artist emerged. They soon received their answer.

The venue went almost completely dark, save for a few blue lights accenting the stage. A heavy electronic beat began reverberating through the floor and walls. Moments later, a petite woman in an oversized black coat walked slowly out to the center of the stage with a microphone in hand.

This woman was none other than FKA twigs.

FKA twigs, her moniker a reference to a childhood nickname, broke musical ground this year with her dreamy beats and ethereal voice. Her sound has a unique beauty that entices rather than demands people to listen. Those in the crowd at her sold-out Brighton Music Hall show seemed to feel this as every person gave her their undivided attention throughout her set.

Twigs began with the short preface of her debut LP1 before transitioning into her full-length songs. She crooned her way through “Lights On,” “Kicks,” and “Give Up,” hitting every feathery note flawlessly. Her audience did not sing with her, yet was in a state of complete bliss as they took in each aspect of her performance. Jubilant applause was given whenever she finished, but the enraptured silence returned as soon as she began a new number.

The black jacket soon came off to reveal a stringy black bodysuit and fishnets. Twigs now moved her body freely with more ease, dancing and contorting her way across the stage. Her bold motions offered an interesting contrast to her floaty vocals.

At times, twigs seemed to be subconsciously moving. She let the gentle beat of “Water Me” wash over her and slowly swayed her hips as she sang. Other times, she would quicken her movements to match the tempos of more upbeat tracks, such as “Video Girl” and “Numbers.”

There were a couple instances where twigs paused to talk to the audience, exhibiting a humble nature with a shy smile as she spoke.

“Whenever I come to a place I’ve never been before, I’m always so grateful that so many of you come to listen to me,” she said.

Twigs reserved her well known hit “Two Weeks” for near the end of the set, avoiding the cliche of making the most popular song the final number. She followed with “How’s That,” a beautiful mess of a song that is even more fascinating to hear in person, before transitioning into the incredibly sultry “Papi Pacify.” The crowd finally erupted after her last two numbers, cheering and applauding for much longer this time. Twigs beamed, expressing a genuine gratefulness for these people who appreciated her music. She left the stage, seemingly wishing she could remain there for longer, but with a knowledge she would someday be back.

After the show, people were abuzz with excitement about what they had just experienced. “Oh my God, she was so good,” many gushed as they grabbed their coats from the check station and finished the last of their drinks. Everyone left satisfied, sharing the hope she would return in the future.

FKA twigs recently appeared on The Tonight Show, and nearly all of her remaining tour dates are sold out. It’s obvious it isn’t just Boston that has fallen under the spell of her entrancing sounds. She undoubtedly has a promising career ahead, and listeners will pine to hear whatever she creates next.

Check out FKA twigs’s music and other projects on her website and YouTube channel.  


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