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Boom! Steps into the Ring with the WWE

Dylan Pearl ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Comic Section Head Editor

Who’s the best wrestler of all time? Is it Andre the Giant? Or maybe Ric Flair? Or Macho Man Randy Savage, or Kurt Angle? Or maybe, god forbid, Triple H?

If you knew who any of those people were, then rejoice! Because Boom! Studios and the WWE are teaming up to bring wrestling to the pages of comics.

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At a panel yesterday at New York Comic Con, Boom! Unveiled their new collaboration with WWE; an ongoing series that will focus on the famed wrestling team “The Shield,” – Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns – their lives both in and out of the ring, and their rise and fall from grace.


The series looks to capture everything fans love about the WWE, and translate it faithfully to the pages of a comic. Luckily, all involved are just as committed the source material as fans are.Jasmine Amiri, one of the editors on the project,
noted the passion from everyone in the office, and how at once she knew that Boom! must take on the project.s-l300

Fans may be skeptical; this could just be a cash grab, trying to capitalize on the popularity comic comics. But Dennis Hopeless, the series writer, said that the WWE came to boom specifically because of their success with other licensed content, like Adventure Time, Bill and Ted, and Power Rangers.

A one shot, WWE: Then, Now and Forever, will be released in November, followed by an ongoing series starting in January. This new series will also focus on the Shield, with each arc focusing on a different member. Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 11.17.28 PMThe creators also hinted at all kinds of fan wish fulfillment; everything from fantasy match ups between wrestlers from different eras to unexplored character backstories will be touched on – all with the WWE’s blessing. Which, as we all know, makes it canon.

And, every issue will feature cover art of two great wrestlers in a fantasy match, with all the cover combining to form a giant free for all of wrestling’s greats – although, the creators did say that it was unlikely to see a Hulk Hogan appearance any time soon, much to the crowds disappointment.

Whether you’re a wrestling fan or not – but especially if you are – this is a comic worth reading. It promises to be everything wrestling fans love, and more.WWE

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