Books and Film Take Their Place Center Stage

Jenna Glazier ’20 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

There is always the risk when adapting a movie or book for the stage that it won’t play out well; no matter how much we love a story when it’s on paper or screen, sometimes the stage just isn’t a right fit for it. But, when our favorite stories work on stage so well you wonder why it wasn’t made as a musical originally, it’s like a harmony of angels. Here’s a compiled list of some classic, golden books and movies we believe would take Broadway by a storm:

1. Hook

Everyone knows that the classic Peter Pan tale goes great with Broadway, so how could a musical based off the 1991 Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman film be a flop? Imagine the character development of Peter Banning enhanced with music by Alan Menken and the heart-breakingly beautiful ballad Tinkerbell deserves!

2. Nancy Drew

Talk about mystery musical madness! No matter what Nancy Drew book provides the most musical inspiration, each one has a captivating plot with a powerful female lead. Plus, the 1960s inspired costume designs for this musical would be absolutely Tony award-worthy.

3. Home Alone

The next best holiday show after Elf could very well be Home Alone: The Musical. Just think about all the adorable child theater stars that could come out of the classic role of Kevin McCallister. Even better than that, the story provides some great design opportunities for Kevin’s many schemes against the robbers. Overall, we could expect that this movie turned musical would be a great, feel-good, family hit.

4. Eloise at the Plaza

Everyone’s favorite New York City girl takes Broadway by a storm––you can practically see the Times Square billboards now! Eloise’s character was made for the stage: think Matilda meets a young Elle Woods. The set would be phenomenal, like the New York version of a fantasy land. Plus, even though the beloved series began as a book, Julie Andrews did star in the movie… maybe she could revive the role on stage?

5. Clueless

The perfect combination of Mean Girls and Heathers. The love story between Cher and Josh will make for some great songs and choreography, an audience always loves a troubled love story. More than that, however, would be the incredible costumes and sharp comedy found in the original screenplay, there’s no way Broadway could not love Clueless.

6. Forrest Gump

All Tom Hanks movies should be made into musicals, but there’s definitely a higher demand for Forrest Gump. An entire song about life being like a box of chocolates? I mean, how much better can it get? Despite the already great lines that could easily be turned into groundbreaking musical numbers, the story itself has already been carried from book to movie! So it would come as no surprise if it was a smash on Broadway.
There you have it, six ideas to leave at the desk of every producer in New York City. Call all the composers, actors, and book writers you know and get the scripts rolling. Even though it can sometimes be painful to watch an adaption try to find its way on the stage, there is no denying that these six titles could potentially alter the reputations of adaptations forever.


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