Betty Who Gets Brighton Music Hall Dancing

Tessa Roy ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Assistant Editor


While Betty Who’s tour may be dubbed the Slow Dancing Tour, there was very little of that being done when she stopped by Brighton Music Hall last week. Fans jumped, sang, screamed, and danced wildly to her energetic, poppy beats.

It was easy to tell how much Who, a Berklee alum, loves performing. Soon after openers Cardiknox and Zak Waters had finished, she ran giddily onto the stage to greet her adoring “Who Crew”as she opened up with “Heartbreak Dream.” The song is, in reality, a sad one. But one never would have been able to tell by looking around the room at all the smiling fans belting every word.

Soon, she busted into more of her hits like “You’re in Love,” “Alone Again,” “Giving Me Away,”and even a sassy cover of Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name.” Who made the most of the hall’s tiny stage, spanning every inch of it as she danced through her set. Most of her dancing was completely spontaneous, but she and her band occasionally broke out into short choreographed routines that were undeniably adorable.

Of course, Who’s breakout hit “Somebody Loves You” was highly anticipated by everyone in attendance, but it would have special meaning to two individuals by the end of the night. Towards the end of the song, Who reached into the crowd and pulled what appeared to be two random people on the stage with her. They weren’t random; it turned out to be a proposal. The hall erupted into hysterics when the “yes” was given, and Who excitedly embraced the happy couple before they left the stage. It seemed to be fitting, as “Somebody Loves You” first went viral when it was used in an elaborate proposal video.

The only time Who didn’t have the entire hall wrapped around her finger was during “Silas.” Before she played this song she claims is about a former love interest, she said she made a mistake when she decided to use his real name in the song.

“Taylor [Swift] didn’t tell me I wasn’t supposed to do that,” she joked.

The song was slow and accompanied by a solo guitar, and the crowd seemed to lose interest. While Who’s delivery of the song was beautiful, people were talking amongst themselves and not really paying her any attention.

Thankfully, Who reeled everyone back in again for her final number, “High Society.” The jumping around and gleeful singing returned as she closed out her performance.

Betty Who is a true performer who is very obviously in love with what she does. She has a special connection with her fans, and has no qualms about going out of her way to make them happy. The Slow Dancing Tour is now complete, but don’t miss her if she makes her way back to the Boston area in the future.


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