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‘Attack on Titan’-Marvel Crossover

Daniella Klayman ‘16 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Marvel announced earlier this week that there would be an Attack on Titan-Marvel Crossover comic released later this month. At first, I thought that there was no way that this could be true. April Fools day must have come in November. But then, I realized it makes perfect sense. After all, Marvel is the king of crossovers. They have crossovers with their own characters, and they have crossovers within their crossovers. So I guess the next obvious step was to take their crossovers out of the marvel­verse (again, not a first) and have a crossover with the extremely popular manga series. Wait, I was wrong. That makes no sense.

While little is really known about the crossover, some more information has been released. A preview picture revealed Spider­Man and a Titan, while the announcement states that the comic will feature the Avengers fighting the Female Titan in New York City (Comic However, this only serves to bring up more questions. How do the Titans get to New York? Is New York Within the walls? And what about Spider­Man? It says that the Avengers will be fighting, maybe this is really a Spider­Man­ Avengers crossover that also features Titans? And will the Survey Corps be there as well? Because I personally think that it would be kind of awesome/really weird to see Spidey keeping up with the 3DMG. And while Black Widow/Mikasa may be my new BroTP, I think Eren and Hulk would have a lot to talk/roar about as well.

Seeing as the Female Titan is playing a big role, I think it’s safe to predict that there won’t be any spoilers for anyone who has only seen the anime. It’s unknown exactly when the crossover will be released but we’ll be on the lookout!


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