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Review: ‘Attack on Titan’ – Chapter 62

Daniella Klayman ‘17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer


The good news: there was actually a Titan in this chapter.  The bad news: it was in a flashback.  For a series in which the title suggests that Titans are going to be attacked, they sure haven’t attacked a lot of them.

The series continues its recent trend of examining the more political side of the world Eren lives in and planning for the future without actually carrying much out.  Freedom of the press is seemingly restored, thanks to Erwin’s tricks in the last chapter, and the government is now exposed for its fraud, but that does not mean that all the Survey Corps’ problems are over.  For, besides the fact that instating a new ruler would be difficult to get the public to be on board with anyways, Eren and Historia are still kidnapped and Eren is chained, shirtless, to some kind of cave wall.

The most interesting part of the chapter is the flashback Historia and her Father induce by pressing on a certain point on Eren’s back.  The flashback contains valuable insight as to how Eren became a Titan, or perhaps how he became a shifter.

This chapter also gave some more backstory for Historia, or really for her father, whose story seems to be even more intertwined with Eren’s than perhaps previously thought.  Much of Historia’s backstory was already highly suspicious but with the added information of her father’s family’s death, we are arriving closer to the truth.

All in all, I enjoyed this chapter because I’m a sucker for a good backstory, but I’m still waiting for the end of this arc so we can go back to see our favorite characters have their butts kicked by Titans rather than humans.

Honestly, as much as some fans love backstory, they really wish Attack on Titan would get on with the actual story already. Readers are dying to see them go fight titans and to find out what the heck is in Eren’s basement!

Overall Rating: 7/10


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