Ash Vs. The Evil Dead Revs Up For Season 2

Dylan Pearl ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Comic Section Head Editor

Let’s face it; horror is in right now. From the Walking to Dead, to Stranger Things, to those clowns that keep popping up to scare people, horror is the flavor of the day. But, in an over saturated market, it can be hard to find the quality product. For every Don’t Breath, there is a The Darkness – which not even Kevin Bacon could save. In times like these, we must return to the classics, the ones that, even years later, still have the power to terrify and delight. Doing this allows us to remember what is great about horror, and what is forgettable. And, in this respect, there is a name that comes to mind immediately: The Evil Dead. These classic films helped shape the horror genre as we know it, and brought fear to people for decades. And now, a whole new generation can enjoy that feeling, as the Evil Dead returns with a new name and a new form; television. This is, of course, Ash Vs. The Evil Dead.

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For those living under a rock, Ash vs. The Evil Dead picks up thirty years after the Evil Dead films, and follows an older, but still badass, Ash Williams as he fights the forces of darkness to save humanity. Last season, Ash tackled all kinds of monsters straight out of the Necronomicon, from demons to witches to evil clones spawned from sentient disembodied hands. This season, which premiered this week, looks to be even more insane than the first. This means more monsters, more chainsaws, and of course, more blood.

At a press roundtable at New York Comic Con, Dana DeLorenzo, who plays the moody teen turned monster slayer Kelly Maxwell, said:

“I’m very excited about this season because in the first scene alone, if this is any indication, I alone had twenty six gallons of blood blasted just in my face. Just blasted. And I asked that’s how I know that amount.”

But The Evil Dead is about so much more than gore. It’s also about monsters. And chain saws. And killing monsters with chainsaws. So, when the man himself, Bruce Campell – who, for those who don’t know, has played Ash for the last thirty years – was asked what we could expect this season, it was no surprise when he said:

“Mostly just Ash cleaning up his home town, trying to establish a bad relationship with his father. Rekindling an old relationship with his girlfriend, and mixin up batches of ketamine with his buddy Chet. It’s not all good news. Ash gets distracted easily.”

In short, this season promises more of what Evil Dead fans have come to know and love. There will be monsters, and wisecracks, and boomsticks galore. There were also hints of a possessed colon Ash must fight, although the cast was surprisingly tight lipped on this matter and so, without context, we can only speculate on the details.

But that’s not all! This season, looking to one up it’s already star studded cast, has gained a major player. That is, of course, film legend Lee Majors, who plays Ash’s curmudgeonly father.Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 10.32.15 PM Majors, for his part, is excited to be part of the project. When asked for his thoughts on his part in the show, Major’s said:

“I think this show is very unique. I don’t think any other horror show on television can really compare with what they’re doing. I mean the amount of blood, amd legs that go flying, and it being so funny…that’s the main thing is the comedy of the show. It’s very funny.”

If Lee Majors isn’t convincing nothing is. So, take it from him; the new season of Ash Vs. The Evil Dead is looking to be some of the best television this season, so be sure to catch it. If you don’t you might end up the dinner of some nasty Deadite, and nobody wants that.


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