‘Arrow’ Review/Recap: “Nanda Parbat”

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Brandon Routh in the Arrow episode "Nanda Parbat." Photo Credit: The CW.
Brandon Routh in the Arrow episode “Nanda Parbat.” Photo Credit: The CW.

Alright Arrow fans, this episode was a big one. The writers and production team behind Arrow sure know how to keep fans on the edge of their seats and keep them grasping for more in the latest episode entitled “Nanda Parbat.”

This episode the truth about Sara’s (Caity Lotz) murder was finally revealed to Laurel (Katie Cassidy). After learning she killed Sara while under the influence of Malcolm Merlyn’s (John Barrowman) drug, Thea (Willa Holland) struggles with telling Laurel. Not long into the episode, Thea goes to Laurel and tells her all about Sara’s death. This short scene was a very sweet moment between Cassidy and Holland. Thea and Laurel have always had a sisterly relationship and this simple scene showcases it. For someone who grew up without a brother, Thea always looked up to Laurel and her defying her brother to tell Laurel the truth shows this bond. Finally, everyone in the Arrow universe knows how Sara Lance died.

Oliver (Stephen Amell) can’t seem to hit the right marks lately. After returning from the dead, he has not been able to please anyone on Team Arrow. From letting Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) down to disapproving Laurel’s transformation into the Black Canary to butting heads with Roy (Colton Haynes), Oliver’s friends are on less than friendly terms. This episode showcases Amell’s metamorphosis into an incredible actor. He goes from minutes of pure anger when talking to Laurel about going to save Malcolm from Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable) to moments of pure bliss when talking to Diggle (David Ramsey). Amell has become an incredible actor not only in terms of stunts but also the intimate moments between characters. This episode Amell had numerous tender moments that floated to the surface and made this one a major turning point for the character.

Stephen Amell in the Arrow episode "Nanda Parbat." Photo Credit: The CW.
Stephen Amell in the Arrow episode “Nanda Parbat.” Photo Credit: The CW.

In past weeks, Diggle has been absent from the action and it showed. Since Laurel and Thea have joined the team, Diggle has somehow faded into the background. In recent weeks, he became a bystander constantly running around doing the masked vigilantes biddings. This felt out of character for Diggle and fans have been waiting for him to rise to the forefront again. This episode Ramsey had some of his best dialogue and moments with both Oliver and Lyla (Audrey Marie Anderson).

Since her near death experience in The Flash and Arrow crossover event, Lyla has also been absent from Team Arrow. This week fans got to see a rare moment of Diggle and Lyla at home with Baby Sara.  Anderson and Ramsey tend to be the couple that flies under the radar however, this episode they received a rare scene between just the two of them. In this spectacularly well-acted scene, Lyla tells Diggle to accompany Oliver to Nanda Parbat to help get Malcolm back from Ra’s al Ghul. Anderson and Ramsey have flawless chemistry and showcase it in this scene. Here is to hoping the two actors have more scenes together before they make the trip down the aisle.

This episode was a phenomenal Oliver and Diggle episode. Ramsey and Amell have created one of the greatest bromances on television and it came to fruition during this episode. While storming the gates of Nanda Parbat, Oliver and Diggle are captured by The League of Assassins. While the duo are chained together (a moment worthy of fanfiction), Diggle decides it’s the perfect place to have a heart to heart. In one of the greatest pieces of dialogue to date, Diggle tells Oliver “I always assumed when I got married again Andy would be by my side. When I lost my brother I never thought I would get another.” Amell and Ramsey are flawless in the most heart warming scene to date as Diggle asks his “brother” to be his best man.

Emily Bett Rickards in the Arrow episode "Nanda Parbat." Photo Credit: The CW.
Emily Bett Rickards in the Arrow episode “Nanda Parbat.” Photo Credit: The CW.

Felicity Smoak has been a little absent in past weeks but this episode made up for that. After a heartbreaking scene where she crushed Oliver’s heart, she has been keeping her distance from everyone’s favorite vigilante. This week Felicity seeked comfort in another man’s arms. Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) has been feverously working on his A.T.O.M exosuit and apparently hasn’t stopped to eat, sleep or shower. A ruggedly handsome Ray finally emerges to shower after Felicity intervenes. In an emotional, heartwarming and downright sexy scene, Felicity and Ray make out then move things into the bedroom. That’s right, our little Felicity has grown up. Rickards and Routh have great chemistry and this scene shows their relationship blossoming. “Olicity” fans may not be too excited about this scene however, if past TV shows have shown anything, other relationships have to blossom  in order to end up with your one true love. This decision was very smart on the writer’s part. Oliver seriously dated Laurel, Sara and Helena while Felicity has stood idly in the background waiting for her hooded vigilante to come take her away. It’s time for Felicity to have a solid relationship. Rickards continues to amaze audiences and play up the quirky, intelligent nature of Felicity Smoak, which is simply stunning.

By episode’s end, Ray had suited up as A.T.O.M and flies away, Thea reveals to Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law) that she killed Sara not Malcolm and the biggest bomb of all is dropped in the last minute as Ra’s al Ghul offers his position as immortal leader of The League of Assassins to Oliver Queen! Looks like Oliver has a lot to think about. Will he take the position? Will Nyssa kill Thea? And will Felicity be annoyed she was left in bed alone while Ray flies away? Fans will have to wait two weeks to find out these answers and more.

Arrow returns in two weeks on March 18th at 8/9c on the CW.

Overall Episode Grade: A-


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