‘Arrow’ Review: “Blood Debts”

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  1. Arrowfan3 says:

    Emily Bett Rickards and Stephen Amell were so amazing in this episode! All the Olciity scenes were perfection! Love all the Olicity scenes! Love all the references to how strong Felicity is! And Diggle’s love for Felicity was beautiful! And yay for Felicity officially being safe from the grave, even though I never believed for a second they’d kill her off. 4b is going to be so good! So excited for all the Olicity, Felciity, and Diggle focus!

  2. Lente says:

    This article is everything i wanted in life and more! Emily slayed last episode even when she’s lying on a bed and had 3 scenes like seriously, what would Arrow even be without her. Solid episode. Would have preferred to see Oliver finally able to kick Anarky’s basic ass (thank God he beat DD before DD decided to cheat and use magic). I hope we will get to see Oliver fighting like he did in S1 & S2 without unnecessary masks overcrowding the fight scenes. No hate to Digg and Thea tho. I just miss seeing Oliver dragging basic bitches across the room.

    Bring on the delicious Felicity and Diggle’s arcs I cant wait!

  3. pem says:

    SA and EBR were so wonderful together in this episode (as they always are I think). The onscreen chemistry between them is beautiful and effortless. Their comfort together as actors, and with their characters, makes Oliver and Felicity one of the most captivating couples on TV right now. I’ve loved the idea of Oliver and Felicity being together as a couple, from their first scenes together in #103, and they’ve been every bit as wonderful as I thought they’d be.

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