The Apache Relay Goes All Out at Brighton Music Hall

Adam Reynoso ’15 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Adam Reynoso / Emertainment Monthly
Adam Reynoso / Emertainment Monthly

Continuing their tour with Desert Noises and The Wild Feathers, The Apache Relay brought their indie-rooted sound to Boston and put on a show that had the energy of a main act, despite them being one of the opening bands. With their catchy songs and pumped up crowd, it was impossible to not join in on the fun at the show, especially when singer and guitarist Michael Ford Jr. really let go with his guitar.

What was notable about the performance was how much the band put into their act. It’s easy to get lost in the opening act routine and to really not stand out as much as the headliner, but this wasn’t a problem for The Apache Relay. It leaves one to wonder what a headlining tour from them might actually look like. For them to have more than an hour on the stage, it would have to be an even crazier show.

Adam Reynoso / Emertainment Monthly
Adam Reynoso / Emertainment Monthly

When on stage though, it was entertaining to see a band enjoying the stage and having fun. The band members teamed up on certain tracks and Ford Jr. headbanging and rocking his guitar, back and forth movement is always a good thing at a concert. It really drew the audience in and added to the overall experience.

The band played a mix of songs fresh off their new album, Apache Relay, including their hit single, “Katie Queen of Tennessee,” and “Sets Me Free” off their older album, American Nomad. Each song had a great sound and showed how their strength of playing live. They added an extra kick to the tracks, giving the songs a better sense of liveliness.

In the audience, there were many fans there to support the band and sing along with a majority of the songs. There was a group of girls right by the stage that constantly cheered on the band, yelling out at their favorite members. With that many fans, it shows how far the band has reached. And it’s a nice reflection of the vibes the band puts on onstage, especially when it’s not just the fans dancing around to their music.

What really worked and made a difference was how well the band jived. Their performance was on point and it was in part due to the chemistry between all of them. The band members seemed to be a match for each other and it really showed in how they played together. Together, they were able to really tap into the indie sound that’s become more popular in the past couple of years.

The show only reinforced the strengths of the band and allowed the band to display their own energy and charisma. It had the makings of a headlining act, and it wouldn’t be too farfetched to expect the band to have their own tour where they have a full set and a packed venue in the near future.

Adam Reynoso / Emertainment Monthly

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