Five Things We Learned From The New ‘Inside Out’ Trailer

Michael Moccio ’16 / Emertainment Monthly Executive Editor

The new Inside Out trailer premiered March 10th and revealed several key bits of information that finally gave us insight into what this movie’s going to be out. If you’ve missed the past two trailers, definitely make sure to watch them. While they’re not as story-heavy as this trailer, they definitely capture the emotion behind the film.

For those that don’t know, Inside Out is the new Disney Pixar film that centers around the emotions inside us. The film’s premise is that our core emotions—Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear, and Sadness—live inside the Headquarters of our brains and control how we act.

Here are some things we learned from the trailer:

1. The Headquarters

In each of the trailers, we’ve seen the spectrum of emotions operating at a table inside the minds of the characters. The trailer labeled this area as the Headquarters. In Inside Out, Riley’s emotions of Joy and Sadness end up leaving the Headquarters, which causes Riley to act abnormally. With only Anger, Disgust, and Fear inside the Headquarters, the conflict of the movie is made clear: Joy and Sadness have to get back to where they belong, unless Riley falls out of balance.

2. Changing Memories

In the trailer, Joy walks us through the memories in the Headquarters and notes how happy they all are. Sadness wants to hold one and seemingly turns a happy memory into a sad one and ends up accidentally knocking out Riley’s core memories. In the chaos, Joy and Sadness are expunged from the Headquarters. It looks like, as Joy and Sadness have to make their way back to the other emotions, they have to come together as opposites and figure out how change the memory back.

3. The Brain is Huge

Part of the reason why Joy and Sadness find the task of returning to Headquarters so daunting is because of how large the brain actually is. Outside of Headquarters, which serves as the hub for these emotions, there exists a giant archive—almost like a library—of long-term memory. As Joy and Sadness figure out how to get back, they’ll most certainly encounter something important in the long-term memory that will play an important role in the plot. Beyond the long-term memory archives, there are also places like Imagination Land and Dream Productions, an amusement park and film studio respectively.

4. Emotions Act as a Team

When Joy and Sadness are gone, Fear, Disgust, and Anger are left to fend for themselves. In the short scenes shown, Riley is completely out of whack, jumping at shadows and being lethargic. This is an interesting spin Disney and Pixar are taking. While we can’t determine the extent of Joy and Sadness’ absence, it’ll be interesting if the movie attempts to explain all “abnormal” behavior as missing emotions.

 5. Family is the Heart of the Film

There’s a reason why the center of all the trailers have been between Riley, her father, and her mother. Even in this trailer that features mostly the emotions, the memory is a happy family one, and there are specific scenes showing family support. This “major emotion picture” looks like it’ll follow the standards set by previous Disney Pixar films and have something important to say about family while still being incredibly entertaining.

Watch The Trailer:


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  1. Legitimately choked up just watching this trailer. So excited/scared of compromising my fragile, Pixar-loving heart.

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