10 Things We Want to See in the Sequel to Disney’s Life Size

Maddie Crichton ’17 / Emertainment Monthly Staff Writer

Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan in the TV Movie Life-Size. Photo Credit: ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images.
Tyra Banks and Lindsay Lohan in the TV movie Life-Size. Photo Credit: ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images.

Earlier this week, Tyra Banks confirmed that there would be a sequel to the beloved Disney movie Life-Size. First released in 2000, this movie is about a young girl, Casey (Lindsay Lohan) who accidentally brings her doll Eve (Banks) to life. Banks said that the movie will come out at the end of 2014 or 2015, and that there will be a “modern twist.”  So, as all the 90’s kids wait impatiently for the release, here are a few things that would make for an awesome sequel.

1.) Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan has neither confirmed nor denied that she will be in the movie. Given all of her recent scandals, it may not be likely, but the movie would not be the same without her.

2.) Another Stellar Musical Number

Eve sung the catchy tune “Be a Star” in the first movie, and it is debatably one of the most iconic moments of the movie. Hopefully the next film will have a song just as fun to jam to.

3.) A Strong Female Lead

In the last movie, Lohan’s character was a female football player, which was really unique. Casey definitely broke a lot of gender-based stereotypes. Also, Banks’ character was a great female role model. Three cheers for girl power!

4.) A Shopping Montage

The first movie had one. All good family movies have one. The sequel should have one.

5.) Cool Modern Doll Accessories

Banks mentioned that there would be a “modern twist.” What does that mean? Does Eve have Apple products?  Does she talk to other dolls on a Barbie version of Facebook? Can Eve tweet? So much has changed since 2000!

6.) A Barbie friend for Eve

Life must have been pretty lonely for Eve in the box. A doll friend would be great company for her. And, the more dolls the merrier.

7.) A Solid Love Interest for Eve

The last movie had some bud of romance between Eve and Casey’s dad, but nothing got too serious. A boyfriend could make for an interesting story. Or even better: a Ken doll.

8.) Tyra Banks Sass

Since the first movie, Banks has developed a reputation of a fierce woman who no one wants to mess with, and this movie should showcase no less than that.

9.) A Cool Catchphrase

The last movie’s tagline was “She was a perfect doll. Now she’s the real thing,” which is pretty fun, but Disney can step it up a notch.

10.) A Heartwarming, Slightly Cheesy Ending

When it comes down to it, this is a family movie. In order for it to have the classic Disney Channel feel, the movie has to end with a theme about the importance of family of friendship, someone is going to have to shed a few tears, and someone else is going to have to say something painfully yet perfectly cliché.


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